Open to have a Tutor

Have you ever had a tutor way back when you’re still studying? Honestly, I didn’t have any till I graduated from school. We couldn’t afford to pay for it especially that time. But today I noticed even younger students have tutors. Just like some of the classmates of my daughter. Even when they were in Nursery level they already had. Actually, not only her classmates but almost all the students in their school rely on tutors. Well, right now I don’t hire any tutor for my daughter instead I’m her teacher. But with the fast changing of technology I knew education is also shifting. My knowledge might be limited so for sure I need to find someone who can help me in my daughter’s lessons. I’m not closing any door and open to have a tutor for my daughter soon.

Last year my daughter joined Math quiz bee as part of their Math week celebration. She competed with her five classmates and got second placer on that contest. Now that she is in Kindergarten I see her doing better in her Math subject. I’m thinking soon she will have  math tutors not because she can’t do it but I want her to excel more in that subject. Tutorspree can help me with this thing because they offer high quality private tutors. I was surprised to know that they have more than 7,000 tutors across the country. Tutors can be done in the house, library or any place more convenient to both of the students and tutors. They offer math, language, science, economics, test prep tutors, programming, English and history tutors. It’s so simple to enroll in Tutorspree just reach them through their site or over the phone. The tutor cost depends on the lesson, duration and the city. The good thing is if you are not happy with their service they can refund the money but make it sure to notify them within 24 hours of your first lesson. Well, I will be considering them in the near future in the meantime let me share them first with my other relatives abroad.

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