Pampering myself using nail colors

For the past days or should I say months I forgot to pamper myself. And now that school year is started it makes me busy everyday. My daily routine is sending and fetching my daughter at school and while at home I’m working online. I forgot already how to beautify myself. I realized still its important to make myself beautiful and I should not forget it even on a busy days. I have so many things in mind in order to pamper myself but I will do it one at a time. Maybe I will first go in a salon and have nail colors. Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I did this thing. 

Anyway, to pamper myself is good to hear but of course this is not easy to do if I have no money to use. Going in a salon weekly or monthly is money consuming. So I think I should learn how to put nail colors and just do it by myself. With this I can save more money. My friend told me about Julep, it is a boutique nail salon that is selling huge collection of nail colors and hand and foot products. So, whatever the personality of a girl whether stylish, strong, witty, gorgeous or diverse, Julep has something to offer. Their nail colors are non toxic so we can never be wrong with their products. I am thinking of trying one of their products and see for myself how good their nail polish products.

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  1. ako rin i dont know how to nail color myself. just last not, we tried putting something like nail art kaso it was not perfect at all.

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