Personalized Photo Purse

Personalized item is really fascinated nowadays. You can see them in almost everything like for example personalized keychain, mugs, t-shirts, writing accessories, bags and purse and many more. Speaking of bags and purse I found a site that make your bags or purse into unique personalized thing. Seeing your photo or photo of your love one in your purse or bag is really great thing and make you inspire in whatever you are doing. Anyway, everytime I go somewhere I always have my purse with me. Now that I learned that purse can be personalized as well I wanted to have it. Photo purse is good idea and it’s unique because you have your own picture with that purse. You can even put some text messages or design it by yourself.

5 thoughts on “Personalized Photo Purse”

  1. Nice if may photo tsaka info na rin like yong sinabi ni Nelson na “ICE” Identification Contact Emergency ba yon para in case mawala or madisgrasya, eh matatawagan kaagad ang number sa ICE hehe.

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