Piliin ang Pilipinas (Choose Philippines)

This is my first time to see the complete video of Piliin Ang Pilipinas (Choose Philippines). This video was made to show the beauty of the Philippines. I guess many will think of visiting our country because of this. If you haven’t seen the video I grabbed it in youtube. To know more about the beauty of the Philippines just visit the official website http://www.choosephils.com

Piliin Ang Pilipinas (ChoosePhilippines) was sung by Angeline Quinto. She is the first to win in Star Power: Sharon’s Search for the Next Female Pop Superstar. 

Disclaimer: The video is not mine credit to the owner.

7 thoughts on “Piliin ang Pilipinas (Choose Philippines)”

  1. Hello! =)

    I hear this song almost every night unless I turn off the tv early. =P It is one of the videos always shown before sign-off at ABS-CBN ch 2. I’m guilty of not looking at the video most of the time though because I’m usually also at the computer and I’m only listening to/half-watching the tv. =P Maybe I’ve only really watched the video there just once or twice.
    But anyway, it’s a good video. Lots of variety, very colorful and beautiful. =)

  2. The beauty of the Philippines can be shown in various manners and it can be popular in the whole world as there are many travelers comes to see the beauty and take enjoy.

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