Result of the Fight of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley is a joke????

In our simple abode we watched the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley via pay-per-view. I am not a good boxing commentator but looking from Round 1 to 4, I saw Manny’s performance and I can say he’s doing well in that rounds especially round 4 while Bradley looks like tired already. I said to myself no doubt Manny will win the fight.

My initial plan is to make a post after the fight and congratulates Manny for another success. But when the final decision announced everyone in the house said “haaa and boooo”. We all surprised because we knew Manny is the winner. He even said in an interview after the fight that he believes he is the winner. So what happened?

Just look at this scoreboard I got from Facebook. It’s obvious that Manny is the winner. Well, the wrong decision is trending on Twitter and Facebook. Even some of Hollywood celebrities reacted and it’s hard for them to accept Manny’s lost.  One of the comments I read on Facebook “Bob Arum is the culprit, he did all this thing, he said in an interview that he will make a tons of money in a REMATCH. What a Devil!!!!

So, it’s all about money, weird! If so, it’s not entertaining at all. I can’t accept the fact that Timothy Bradley is the new WBO Welterweight Champ and wins via split decision. For sure he is not happy because he knows who is the real winner.

8 thoughts on “Result of the Fight of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley is a joke????”

  1. aha, so your affected like me? haha! it is difficult to accept, but when we talk of “business”, they made the right decision to gain some more on the rematch. don’t you think so?

  2. believe it or not, i was rooting for Bradley. i guess it’s high time for Manny to experience defeat. he has been winning his fights for 15 straight times already. even if the results are unbelievable, all we can do is wish him well, Bradley too. hehehe…

  3. hi there guys I agree what you said in here, that is a big joke, everyone know about, because If you watch nice and slow that fight you will know who is the champion..

  4. oh gosh….. Who knows the real truth about celebrities these days? Publicity IS publicity hehe.. But I still look up to Manny being such a sport. Everyone knows who the real winner is, right? Let’s show the world that we’re not sore losers either. We all know that a re-match will just make Manny Pacquiao more of a REAL CHAMPION 🙂

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