Should Bake Again

I missed baking. I’m not an expert when it comes to baking but have tried cupcakes, loaf bread, cookies, macaroon and other breads. December was the last time I baked. So it has been months. I really missing and if I only have ingredients here, possibly I will be in the kitchen. Sadly, I don’t have ingredients now, but I hope to do baking as soon as possible. Probably will do banana loaf because this was the first I baked. I remember it wasn’t 100% successful but didn’t stop me of doing it again. I’m thinking also banana choco chips muffin because this recipe didn’t fail me. I like the taste and for me after 1 or 2 days the muffin becomes tastier.

My sister once asked me if I want to enroll in TESDA. I don’t have formal baking lessons and I only watch youtube or read online for the recipes. My sister said TESDA offers baking. I was thinking of doing it but of course I need extra money to do this. And for sure with formal lessons I will learn a lot. I want to know more about icing stuff. I have tried putting icing on top of my cupcake but not satisfied with the result. Oh well, I need to save extra bucks and might enroll. I think I have future on this (think optimistic) hahah!

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