Our Dog Gave Birth for the Third Time

Last January 19, our dog (Aspin – Asong Pinoy) named Puppy  gave birth for the third time. Puppy gave birth to five beautiful puppies.  I was worried at first because of Puppy’s experiences in giving birth.  The first time was tragic because the little pup died right away.  The second time Puppy gave birth, the little puppy last only for two days.  So we are little worried.

Last February 19 the five puppies reached their first month. We are happy because the puppies are growing so fast and actively playing and eating rice with milk. Unhappily, one of them has problem in eating because the puppy vomits after every intake of foods. So among the five puppies, this puppy is petite and very thin. Still thankful because even though that is the situation this pup is actively playing with the other puppies. 

Time flies and they are growing so fast.  We will only keep two and the other three will be given to my siblings. I really like these puppies because just like human these puppies bring joy to our family. Will share photo/s soon.

Dog passed away

Dog considers as man’s best friend. I don’t know where this saying originates but I’m totally agreed with this. We have dogs here but haven’t bred at all. One of our dogs named CUTE. Cute is one of the many ASKAL (asong kalye) or the native ASPIN (asong pinoy). Cute was with us for many years since its baby days. Cute was given to my brother by his friend.


For me, Cute is very friendly dog unlike the other dog we have (named PUPPY) who is super tough.  I like the idea that your dog will come to you whenever they see you coming. But Puppy will come to you and just mess you up. That is the big difference between Cute and Puppy. Cute is quiet and easy to please. I like Cute whenever we bathe her because Cute is really calm. Anyway, why I write about Cute it is because today my mother saw her lying and found out dead already. Few days ago, Cute was very weak and can’t take food anymore. We will be missing our dearest Cute. My brother buried Cute in one of the vacant lot near our house (sadness).

Anyhow, thinking about the bright side, Kyla has new bear stuffed toy all the way from Canada=). We were thinking of a name for her new stuff suddenly Kyla mentioned BEAR CUTE. Cute was dead already so she is passing the name Cute to her new bear stuffed toy.