Furnishing The Bathroom

Whether you have a small bathroom or one that is large enough for a claw foot tub and walk-in shower, there are some pieces of furniture that you can place in the room that serve as functional and decoration. Cabinets are an addition that you can place anywhere in the room. If the bathroom isn’t that big, you can stack the cabinets on a wall. This is an easy way to get more space in the room without items being in the middle of the room.

 photo bathroomvanity_zpsa2d6fcbe.jpg

Another option for furniture for the bathroom is a vanity. You can possibly find more vanities than any other kind of furnishing for the bathroom simply because there are so many styles. Something that only has one sink is ideal for an apartment or a small home. IF you want something elegant, then consider a vanity with two sinks and a ceramic outline. The vanity can have a mirror, or you can only use a sink and counter. Some vanities have storage compartments underneath them, and there are some that are used with a stool or chair so that you can apply makeup. Other furnishings that you can get include tubs of various designs and storage racks that you can place in the corner of the room or behind the toilet.