Beat the Heat with AC

With summer this year, extremely warm, and downright hot and almost unbearable temperatures, are sweeping all across the nation. These high temperatures are not only uncomfortable, but can be very dangerous for people and pets as well. Great care must be taken to ensure that residents keep their home at a cooler, comfortable temperature to get through these hot and sticky days. A fully functional AC system in the home goes a long way towards providing cooling comfort, and if there’s a problem with its effective operation, action must be taken quickly to fix the problem.

Residents of south Florida, perhaps much more than many others, recognize the vital importance of fully functional AC systems. Temperatures can get very high in the spring and summer; even in the fall and winter seasons, the AC comes into use much of the time.

If you live in the Fort Myers area and encounter a problem with your AC, you’ll want to get help with it quickly. The quickest and most informative way to find help is to go online and input ac repair fort myers into a search engine. Within moments, a considerable number of companies will be listed over several site pages. This is where you should look for specifics that will help you to find the company that can best be of service to you.

If your AC breaks down outside of ‘normal’ business hours, a company that offers 24/7 emergency services may be your first consideration. You’ll want to find a company that offers these emergency services, with technicians that will bring all the right tools and equipment to do the repair immediately.

When you make the call, make sure the company is experienced in working on the AC unit brand you have. Then ask them if their repairs are backed by any type of satisfaction guarantee, and if the parts they provide in the repair have any warranty protection over a certain period of time.

When an AC unit breaks down, things heat up very quickly. Making a call to a respected and qualified AC repair company quickly, at any time of day, is of critical importance. Go with a company that can fulfill all your needs, and get back to cool, comfortable living again.

Carrot-Apple Smoothie and Banana-Apple Smoothie

There were vegetables and fruits in the fridge for days. I decided to make juice out of carrot and apple. I prepared the carrots and apple to be used. Then I got my juicer that hid from the cabinet for a long time. When I about to start the juicer I saw the cord was not in good form. So I decided not to use it. So instead of having fresh juice, I think of making smoothie and I will use my Shake N Go to make quick smoothie. I purchased this online and used one time only last summer. Now, that I will be using it again, I was shocked because it didn’t work. When I clicked the power button nothing happened. I was sad not because I can’t make smoothie but my Shake N Go was broken already and to think I only used it once since I bought it. Good thing we have blender so I used it to make shake/smoothie. I made two; carrot-apple smoothie and banana-apple smoothie.

smoothie photo Smoothies_zps92zmutbc.jpg

These refreshing smoothies are my best companion this summer. It’s not complicated to make and just put all the ingredients (choice of fruits, ice, milk and some water) inside the blender, shake it and it’s done. Enjoy refreshing drinks and I believed it is healthy =).