The Bighearted Family

Two hours ago my sister called, she informed us that they already arrived in Calgary, Canada. Thanks God because they were at home safely. My sister with her husband and children were here for a short vacation. Their planned was going here by July but because my mother’s condition wasn’t better for the past months they decided to come over as soon as possible. Everyone is excited for their comeback after 3 years but time flies because their vacation was over and though it was only for less than a month, I’m sure they were very happy reunited with us after long years of staying in Canada.

Their family is the best. They have been very generous ever since. I pray that God will continue shower many blessings to my sister’s family. I don’t know how to express my thankfulness for all the things they did and bestowed especially to me and my daughter.

I won’t think of my daughter’s school bag this coming school year. My sister already bought. I hope it would last for three years or more because it was pricey. One my nieces bought her two pairs of shoes and I got new bag. Another niece left to me her old Samsung MV800 digicam. I told her that I have planned of buying digicam and hearing my words she said hurriedly  that she will give her used camera. Another niece gave me an old Samsung nexus. They provided our foods everyday and even before going back to Canada, my sister went to market to buy our foods for a week. Actually, there are many things they gave to us and they didn’t ask for anything in exchange. They are such a bighearted family. Truly we are blessed to have them in our family. I pray that God will guide and bless their family abundantly.


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the bighearted nieces with my daughter @ Villa Escudero