Preparing for 7th Birthday

Help!! I have so many things in mind right now. My daughter’s 7th birthday is coming in two weeks (I should say less than 2 weeks). Honestly, I didn’t plan it ahead. She doesn’t like to have a birthday celebration. They said it’s now a tradition that you need to celebrate 7th birthday. Unlike in the past that it’s fine not to celebrate it. Or I said it because I didn’t celebrate my 7th birthday. I don’t remember that I did celebrate it.

So, just this month she decided to celebrate her birthday and the theme she wanted. Waahhh!! It is stressful. Thanks God, I already found a venue for her birthday. Its just it will be held at 10am. This is the only available time they gave to me. Regarding the food, of course the venue is responsible for the foods but I have to decide what the foods to be served. Need to do it next week. She doesn’t have a cake yet. I have in my mind but it cost much. I doubt if I will pursue this cake. The budget is tight so I need to find other available cakes. Decorations, giveaways and other stuff are not yet finalized. Really stressful but I hope the party will turn memorable.