Happy Happy 74th Birthday

Happy 74th birthday to my mother. Yesterday, she had a simple celebration in our simple abode. It wasn’t a huge party. It was only a family celebration but we invited some of closest neighborhood. It was a blast celebration and ate some of our favorite foods. The family wasn’t complete because two of my sisters are living abroad for many years already. Thanks to internet because we were able to talk to them on my mother’s special day.

birthday photo birthday_zpspmmwlfee.jpg

Last year, before her 73th birthday she had a serious illness and we were all alarmed. She has been confined in the hospital every other month. We were thankful because she celebrated her 73th birthday not in the hospital. I’m claiming that God already healed her and the doctor even saying it was a miracle. Thanks God for granting our prayers and for giving her another year to live. My wish for my mother is to continue living a happy and healthy life. I personally say thank you for all the love not just for me but for my daughter. Thank you for everything. Happy happy 74th birthday again and wish for more and more candles to blow in the coming years.

Happy 74th Birthday to my father

Today my father is celebrating his birthday but he is not with us anymore. Four years ago he passed away because of diabetes and some of its complication. As I said before when I talked about him I think during his 4th death anniversary that I missed him so much and as long as I am here breathing I will continue to love him even though he is not with us anymore. 

I know wherever he is right now he can read this and sorry because we didn’t visit him today in the cemetery but we will tomorrow. Again, I don’t say “I love you” to my father verbally but I hope still he can read this and he will know that we love him so much. My daughter Kyla said she loves her Lolo Tony (my father) so much though she was only 4 months old when my father passed away. Anyway, Happy happy 74th Birthday to you my father and I/we love you so much. Don’t worry about nanay (mother) because we are here to love her unconditionally. 

4th Death Anniversary

Today is my father’s 4th year death anniversary. My Kyla is just 4 months when he passed away. She’s now 4 years old and I make sure she knows my father while she is growing. Anyway, we didn’t visit cemetery today because everyone has things to do but we will go tomorrow. I missed my father … when he’s still alive I don’t normally say I love him in vocal but God knows how much I love him.

Anyway, on a lighter note my niece is celebrating her 11 birthday today. I wish all the best for her especially good health.

Disney Junior – Upcoming 4th Birthday

Fifteen days to go my little kyla will celebrate her 4th birthday. I don’t think of a big celebration normally we just celebrate birthday during dinner time. And I just invited family member. Now, that she is attending school already for sure she will be celebrating her birthday in school. Again, it’s not a big celebration because they will just use their snacks time for her to celebrate. So, I guess 20-30 minutes only. Kyla is excited already and asked me to prepare spaghetti, chicken and cake for her classmates. Also, she wanted to give them giveaway like candies and toys.

Time flies really, I remember the first time I heard her crying. Now, she is growing so fast and learning so many things. Right now, she loves watching Disney Junior Channel. I am surprised every time she sing-along with the theme songs of the different show. If your kids love Disney Junior for sure you know about Disney Junior’s Birthday Book. They feature birthday celebrants every month and show in Youtube and TV. I wanted her to be part of this book. For sure she will be surprised seeing herself in TV. Sadly, I haven’t sent her photo because of communication error with Disney Junior. One of the mechanics to be able to participate is to send photo two (2) months before her birthday. So if her birthday is November 10, the photo should be in Disney by September 10. They replied to me after the cut off date so my surprise and gift for Kyla is impossible. Well, if next year she is still in love with Disney Junior will surely join this Disney Junior’s Birthday Book

If you are not familiar with Disney Junior’s Birthday Book i grabbed one from Youtube. Thank you Disney Junior Asia for sharing it in Youtube. 


Anyway, I think I’m a little excited here, hahah! Just can’t believe that she is turning 4 already. Time flies, huh!

Happy Birthday to my father

Today is my father’s birthday and though were not able to celebrate his birthday because he had passed away three years ago. I know for sure he is happy with our dear God. I’m not vocal to say the three words “I love you” to my father especially when he is still alive but I love him so much. He will always be loved and remembered. And for sure we will be together again in God’s time. Happy birthday Tatay and I miss you (teary-eyed here). I’m glad that I was introduced in blogosphere, I am the kind of person that doesn’t speak much but because of this blog I am able to express myself. So I’m hoping that my father is here reading my post:)

Happy Birthday Honey

This is a quick post I just wanted to great my niece (Honey) who is celebrating her 19th birthday today. Sorry for the late post I have something to attend to. Again happy happy birthday Honey, all the best in the coming days, months and years 🙂


Just a wacky shot - Honey and Kyla

Anyway, Kyla will attend her 2nd day Workshop in Jollibee tomorrow morning so I need to sleep early will try to update you all tomorrow, good night!

Double Celebration

Two days ago my nephew was graduated from High School. On the same day my mother was celebrated her 70th birthday. The family had simple double celebration at home with the usual foods like spaghetti, chicken, fried lumpia, cake and ice cream. It was simple celebration yet everyone was contented.

My nephew
See everyone was contented


Looks like this little dog wants to celebrate with us

Congrats again Harold, good luck in everything.

And to my mother who is very supportive to me and Kyla, Happy happy birthday. More and more birthdayssssss to celebrate and good health.