Back pain leave me alone!

I am suffering from upper left back pain for almost two weeks already. I remembered I slept on the floor and felt pain afterward. I thought it’s just a joint pain and will disappear easily. But as I said it’s almost two weeks and still suffering from pain. I didn’t ask for any opinion from doctor because it’s not really painful but today is different. So, mother called the neighbor who is a physical therapist. After she saw my back she said it’s already swollen and has nodules. So she began massaging using oil. After almost thirty minutes of pressing my back I still felt the pain and until now I am writing this post. 

I’m thinking the back pain I have now is because of numb and too much working in computer. And even after long hours of working online I will do bathing without resting for minutes or an hour. Aside from that the back pain became worst because I am taking a bath daily in early morning and I’m using cold water even though I have back pain. So she advised me to take a bath using lukewarm water and do it in a short time. She also mentioned my back pain will not go away instantly after what she did to me. I will still feel the pain till three days. She said if after that day nothing changes she will do the massage once again. 

I hope by tomorrow or in the coming days my back pain will go away and nothing serious will happen. This coming week is a busy week because my daughter will have her first quarterly examination so I need to review her lessons for the past two months. Another thing, they will celebrate National Language Month (Buwan ng Wika) this Friday. I need to prepare her Igorot costume and other things so I’m really hoping and praying that my back pain will go away. It’s hard to do something if you are feeling uneasy so help me God.