Thank You for Everything

So far 2017 New Year’s celebration was the happiest and memorable one for me. All my family gathered together to celebrate Holiday season. My sisters from Paris and Canada together with their family went home here in the Philippines to celebrate Holiday season.  This is not always happen in fact first time we celebrate New Year together. And the first time we got together again after so many years. 

Only few days ago that we celebrated New Year and what I remembered was just happiness. Normally, when I celebrate New Year, is only with my other siblings living here and now that my siblings from Canada and Paris was here to celebrate this special event was really blessing for the whole family.

I am so thankful for my siblings and their family for being so generous. My daughter and I received lots of stuff like clothes, shoes, school supplies, chocolates, cash and a lot more pasalubong and papasko. 

I want to extend my gratitude to my niblings. They were generous as well to my daughter and also my daughter’s grandparents for sending Christmas card and money. My daughter and I appreciate all your kindness. We can’t pay you back especially material thing, my daughter and I just pray that all of you will be guided and blessed by our Almighty God. Thank you again for everything.

Back to Instagram using iPhone

We received balikbayan box recently from iPhone photo iPhone_zps4m8ya8er.jpgCanada. I was happy because my niece gave me her old iPhone. This is not the latest iPhone but I don’t really asking for that. What matters to me is a phone that I can be used in checking my emails, communicating to my relatives and checking my instagram account easily. I’m not really into Facebook but I do check my account but rarely.

Anyway, the one that I’m using here is old already and can’t get different application because of low memory. I have Instagram but for a long time I stopped using the app because the camera of the phone I’m using has low quality. I don’t have the guts of sharing photos with low quality. Well, not for now. Thanks to my niece I can finally check my IG account and stalk celebrity’s hahah! Aside from IG, I finally start using facetime. For a long time I’m using android phone and there is no facetime app. Now, with the iPhone I’m using I can reach my relatives abroad using this app. Well, I do have FB messenger and have been using it for a long time. I must say the app was really helpful and so far not encountered any dilemma while using it. Facetime is an alternative app that I can used to communicate with my relatives abroad. One loud thank you shout again to my sister in Canada and her family for all the things you sent to us. God bless you all for your generosity and kindness.

The Bighearted Family

Two hours ago my sister called, she informed us that they already arrived in Calgary, Canada. Thanks God because they were at home safely. My sister with her husband and children were here for a short vacation. Their planned was going here by July but because my mother’s condition wasn’t better for the past months they decided to come over as soon as possible. Everyone is excited for their comeback after 3 years but time flies because their vacation was over and though it was only for less than a month, I’m sure they were very happy reunited with us after long years of staying in Canada.

Their family is the best. They have been very generous ever since. I pray that God will continue shower many blessings to my sister’s family. I don’t know how to express my thankfulness for all the things they did and bestowed especially to me and my daughter.

I won’t think of my daughter’s school bag this coming school year. My sister already bought. I hope it would last for three years or more because it was pricey. One my nieces bought her two pairs of shoes and I got new bag. Another niece left to me her old Samsung MV800 digicam. I told her that I have planned of buying digicam and hearing my words she said hurriedly  that she will give her used camera. Another niece gave me an old Samsung nexus. They provided our foods everyday and even before going back to Canada, my sister went to market to buy our foods for a week. Actually, there are many things they gave to us and they didn’t ask for anything in exchange. They are such a bighearted family. Truly we are blessed to have them in our family. I pray that God will guide and bless their family abundantly.


villa escudero photo villaescudero_zps08179c27.jpg
the bighearted nieces with my daughter @ Villa Escudero


Package from Canada

My sister and her family from Canada are here in the Philippines for three weeks vacation. The initial planned was going here in July because its vacation in Canada but it was changed. They decided to come here now because of my mother’s illness.

Last January they sent us package and arrived first week of March. We didn’t open the package because we package photo balikbayanboxes_zps47de885f.jpgwere waiting for my mother’s discharge from the hospital. We never thought her confinement will last more than two weeks. This is the reason why my sister and her family decided to come home for a short vacation.

We were happy and blessed because my mother has been discharged from long days hospital confinement two days before my sister and family arrive. March 28, they were here and we hurriedly opened the two boxes of package. Thanks to my sister and her family for all the stuff for me and my daughter. Your family is the best and I know God will bless you more for being so generous and helpful.

Bon Voyage …

How’s your weekend so far? Sorry I haven’t updated this blog been busy with offline things. The whole day yesterday we were in my BIL’s house because of their farewell party. My BIL, my three nieces and one nephew will be migrating in Canada (they are in the photo below). Their mother who is my sister is working in Canada. I’m glad that my sister will be reunited with her family now. It was an answered prayer, thanks God for that blessing. Anyway, tomorrow is their flight we will be sending them in the airport. We were sad because they will be away from us but happy also because they will be reunited with their mom. I think my elder niece was 12 years old when her mother went to Paris, France and after 4 years she transferred to Canada. Last March my elder niece graduated from her nursing course. Imagined how long they are separated with their mom. I will not make this post long need to sleep early because seven in the morning we will be off to the airport. So what can I say, bon voyage … we will miss you all … have a safe trip …