Chowking 2015 Planner and Chowking Coupon

I got free Chowking 2015 Planner when I purchased Chinese Style Fried Chicken Lauriat and upsized the Chowking 2015 planner photo chowking2015planner_zps31cc8530.jpgdrink. This planner is a good stuff for me to have this 2015. Unlike last year, I want this year to be more organized. So, I think Chowking planner would be a great help. Aside from the space provided for your day to day plans every month, inside are personal information, 2015 Chinese horoscope, national holidays for 2015, calendar, contact list, Philippine area codes, international dialing codes, conversion tables and spaces for some of your notes.

Added also in the planner is the Chowking lucky treats for 2015. You could get free chowking product every chowking coupon photo Chowkingcoupon_zps0618810d.jpgmonth when purchase certain meal from the store.

Happy Plus Card


I am using Happy plus Card for less than a month.  So what is Happy Plus Card?

It is the country’s first cashless payment card with rewards that is acceptable in Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich and Red Ribbon. Soon Mang Inasal will be included in the list. By using this card no need to pay your transaction using cash. Just tap the card in the machine (make sure it has load) and you get your food. No need to wait for your change (which sometimes a problem) and you will receive benefits using this happy plus card.

Benefits of using Happy Plus Card 

  1. Free food for Points – Earn happy point when you use your card and use the points to get free food. For every Php50 food purchase earns you one happy point. One happy point is equal to one (1) peso. 
  1. Monthly cash winners – register and reload your happy plus card for a chance to win up to Php100, 000 every month. Exclusive only to registered card holders. 

Php100 = 1 raffle entry

Php300 = 5 raffle entries

Php 500 = 10 raffle entries

Php1000 = 25 raffle entries 

The more you reload, the more raffle entries you get. 

  1. Fast cashless payment – No need to search your wallet for cash or wait for change. Just tap the happy plus card to pay for your food. 

When you run out of load, just reload your card for a minimum of Php100. You can do this before you order.  

To enjoy these benefits you need to purchase the happy plus card for Php100 and load it for a minimum of 100 pesos. Remember to register your card so you are entitled to join the raffle monthly. Happy plus card is good for three (3) years and renew it after. 

When you purchased happy plus card you also get this free coupon discount coupons valid for 1 month upon purchased. 

Jollibee – Php50 OFF for every Php250 foor purchase

Chowking – Php50 OFF for every Php250 foor purchase

Greenwich– Php50 OFF for every Php250 foor purchase

Red Ribbon – Php100 OFF for every Php500 foor purchase 

Happy plus card is transferable.  So far I’m enjoying this card and its hassle free. But I read from other users that they encountered problem using this card. I guess the problem is the machine. So better check your balance first before giving your order. So if something happens, you can see if your balance is accurate.

Photo not mine