Excited for School Break

Its December. Time flies. 24 days to go and we will be celebrating Christmas. I’m not really excited for this celebration. I’m always looking forward for New Year but not Christmas. My daughter is the one who is excited; I think Christmas is really for kids.

I’m happy that my daughter will be having 2 weeks school vacation. This only means that there’s no reason to wake up early in the morning. It’s so nice to have a break from sending and fetching in school. Thinking of what she’s going to eat for her lunch. Well, I’m blissful because she’s not choosy when it comes to her foods. Whatever I have in her lunch bag, she eats them. Sometimes if she has a request food, I make sure to prepare it for her. That’s my every day routine during school days and having a break would be great.

I think the start of the Christmas vacation would be on December 19. December 18 is their Christmas party. Before the party and vacation they will be having their 3rd Quarterly examination. Wow, time is really running. One more quarter to go and school for 2014-2015 would be ending very soon. I can’t believe her time in grade 1 would be that fast. Anyway, I have to end here and start making her reviewer. Its better to do it in advance to make sure she’s prepare on her examination. Good luck to both of us.