Grand Magical Christmas Parade 2018

Daughter and I look forward to Grand Magical Christmas Parade yearly. This happens in one of the malls near our place. I forgot the first time it started but I’m sure me and my daughter were there. She was little that time and now that she is already 11, we still love to watch grand magical Christmas parade and take photos with them after the show. 
Here’s 2018 Grand Magical Christmas Parade happened last December 16.  They will come back this coming Sunday. Just like the first one, the show will be seen 3 times on December 16 at 12noon, 3 pm and 6pm. 

Hello September

Hello September, time flies. For sure i will be seeing Christmas decors in the mall, selling lanterns in the street and hearing Christmas songs. Here in the Philippines has the longest celebration and it is start when “ber” month comes. I don’t really watch TV shows but if I could, I watch, Its Showtime. It is a noontime show on ABS CBN.  Earlier, in their opening number, the theme was Christmas. They sang different Christmas songs. So, it is really true Christmas here starts when September comes. We are always excited and look forward to holiday celebration but we can’t deny that it’s also means expenses. Oh well, Christmas only happens once a year so we need to embrace it and be happy for we are celebrating this yearly. God is good all the time.

This is my all-time favorite Christmas song, Christmas in our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan. The video is not mine. Thanks to the owner.

Christmas Tree 2016

Hello December, why time is running so fast? So, unlike the previous years, we set our Christmas tree this year just few days ago. Before we did it right after All Souls Day but this year is different. It is not we don’t feel Christmas yet but I think we are just lazy to do it. Our christmas tree is huge, not sure though if it is 10 feet tall, but ours almost reach the ceiling.     

So, last Dec. 3 we finally set it. Just like last year, the colors were combination of red and gold. We used the old ornaments but we add more balls. My mother bought bigger balls this time. As i said our xmas tree is tall so i think bigger ornaments are better. Last year we put big star on top but for this year we changed it just like what we saw in one of the malls here. 

So this is it, our christmas tree for this year’s Christmas 2016. How about you? Have u set your christmas tree already? I bet the answer is yes. Advance Christmas greetings from my family to yours. May we all have a  merry and joyous Christmas celebration.       

Christmas tree photo photo1_zpsjl0trdgq.jpg



Christmas Will Be Here Before You Know It

It might be the beginning of the year, but big businesses are already looking forward to next Christmas season. They might be planning employee hires and organizing their inventory costs for those busiest days of the year. Consider some of the preparations that businesses employ early in the year for Christmas and how consumers ultimately benefit.

Big Stores Contemplating Decorations

You may not think much about big Christmas ornaments purchased by big retailers, but it’s a good indication of a strong, holiday-season preparation plan. Businesses that cater toward consumers during the holidays need an impressive Christmas display to draw people into a building or store. Huge Christmas trees and towering toy soldiers are just a few of the items that you can find at these specialty holiday-material stores. If you see a big store accepting a shipment of reindeer into their back door around June or July, you’ll probably see those items on display in a few short months.

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering why the holiday season is such an important time for businesses, it’s because of the final year-end profits. In many cases, businesses tend to operate with some losses throughout the year. Shoppers don’t steadily buy toys, perfume or other nonessential items. The holiday season presents retailers with several occasions to sell items. With the influx of customers and buying power, retailers will finally see profits as the year ends. The promise of a strong year-end prompts retailers to deck out their stores with ample decorations that make shoppers smile as they check out.

Great Shopping News For Consumers

The holiday shopping season used to start after Thanksgiving, but retailers quickly learned that sales are possible before that date. Black Friday doesn’t have to be the christmas ornaments photo deer ornaments for christmas_zpsd1rdn0g2.jpgonly day for discounted shopping. In fact, retailers are creating these deep discounts for shoppers in September and October too. When one item is discounted, the shopper might buy another product at normal cost. In the end, the retailer turns over its stock and provides a strong service to the customer.

Get in the spirit of Christmas early in the year by looking for those limited edition ornaments. Almost every retailer has some ornaments for sale year-round that allow you to deck out your tree in grand style. When you’re prepared for the holiday season, you can enjoy it even more without any stress involved.

Excited for School Break

Its December. Time flies. 24 days to go and we will be celebrating Christmas. I’m not really excited for this celebration. I’m always looking forward for New Year but not Christmas. My daughter is the one who is excited; I think Christmas is really for kids.

I’m happy that my daughter will be having 2 weeks school vacation. This only means that there’s no reason to wake up early in the morning. It’s so nice to have a break from sending and fetching in school. Thinking of what she’s going to eat for her lunch. Well, I’m blissful because she’s not choosy when it comes to her foods. Whatever I have in her lunch bag, she eats them. Sometimes if she has a request food, I make sure to prepare it for her. That’s my every day routine during school days and having a break would be great.

I think the start of the Christmas vacation would be on December 19. December 18 is their Christmas party. Before the party and vacation they will be having their 3rd Quarterly examination. Wow, time is really running. One more quarter to go and school for 2014-2015 would be ending very soon. I can’t believe her time in grade 1 would be that fast. Anyway, I have to end here and start making her reviewer. Its better to do it in advance to make sure she’s prepare on her examination. Good luck to both of us.

Nostalgia: Christmas last year

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It’s so sad to know that Nostalgia meme is phasing out already. This is the last time that this meme will be seeing here in blogosphere. Honestly, I don’t join this meme regularly but if I have something to share I linked with this meme. Anyway, it’s really sad I don’t know why mommy/sis rose decided to end this meme but whatever her reason I will support her by joining this meme for the last time. Sorry for taking it so long before I finally write my last Nostalgia meme it’s really kinda busy these past few days.

Anyway, for the last Nostalgia meme – post anything that would remind you of the past Christmas or any experiences you have in the past.  Or you can share your thoughts about this meme.

Hmmm, let me share our Christmas celebration last year. Normally, we celebrate this occasion here at my mother’s house. The family is complete all the time well except for those who are living abroad. Aside from eating these watering foods, we have this game Pinoy Henyo (segment in Eat Bulaga) where winners will receive cash from my sister. Catching of coins and bills are much awaited every christmas. I got almost $10. Aside from these things Kyla and her cousins started their first Christmas exchange gift. Well, not sure if this thing will happen again reason below. 

We usually have happy memories during Christmas and New Year because we are complete. But this year I doubt if our Christmas and New Year will be merry because couple of months ago five of member of the family already migrated in Canada. They are my brother in law, three nieces and one nephew. Well, on a brighter note I’m happy because finally they will be living with my sister who is living in Canada for less than three years without her family. My nieces and nephew growing up without my sister who first worked in Paris,France for almost five years then transferred in Canada. So, for eight years my sister was living far away from her family. We are thankful that they are living in one roof now. We considered this as a blessing. Anyway, Kyla is missing her cousins already. I’m glad that facebook, chat and telephone are there because they are big help for us to communicate easily. I hope they will come back here very soon.

This is their family photo in Canada from left my BIL, three nieces and my sister. I don’t know why my nephew is absent on this photo so I uploaded his solo photo below =)

My handsome nephew =)

My share for Nostalgia.