Yay! working away from home!

Yesterday I started working again in my sister’s computer shop. It’s been 3 years since the last time i worked with regular salary. After i gave birth with Kyla i stopped working and became WAHM/SAHM. Anyway, i don’t have regular job I will be working only for 2 weeks; the other employee has filed for 2 weeks vacation so I am just a substitute until she comes back.  My sister asked me if i can work again for that short period of time. I grabbed it since we are talking about moolah here :). And besides i can still work in my regular blogging routine even I am working in the shop. If there are customers to assist then that’s the time I will be busy but if not I can work on my blog and other earning sites.

I used to work here in computer shop 6 years ago if my memory is right, lol. So the kind of job I’m dealing now is not new to me. Anyway, this is just a quick update about my personal thing. Till my next post…Thanks for always visiting this humble blog 🙂