How are you coping up with this pandemic?

How are you? Its been awhile since I last posted on this blog. So how are you coping up with this pandemic. So sad that we are suffering from this pandemic for a long time. Month of March when Pres. Duterte announced that Luzon will be under Enhanced Community Quarantine. For 2 months, I was just staying inside the house because going out is prohibited. Thankful because I have my sister who is residing near me and she was the one who bought our basic essentials that time.

After two months, I went back to my work but not all are allowed to go out. I think at this time, children below 15 year-old and senior citizen who’s age 65 and beyond are still not allowed to go out. So, as I am writing this post it is already month of November few days away and it is Christmas still this pandemic is not yet resolved here in my country and other countries.

In my place we have large number of positive cases. Even some of my workmates suffered from this virus. I work Mondays-Fridays so I have this feeling of scared everything I go out. I just pray to God that every time I go out He will protect me from this virus. I have my daughter with me and I’m thinking of her every time I go out.

We don’t see this virus so we should be taking care of ourselves. Just remember every time you go out there are chances to get this virus but there are also big big chances not to get this. How? By protecting yourself like wearing face mask, face shield, bring alcohol, wash hands if there are chances to do so and social distancing. Live a healthy life by eating healthy foods, taking vitamin C and sleep early (guilty on this one as much as I wanted to sleep early but I can’t) Anyway, I believe following all these will help not to get and spread this virus.

Well, I hope this pandemic will be over soon and everything will go back to normal. I have so many realization from this pandemic, one of this is to trust God with all your heart. God provides our strength everyday just keep believing on Him, soon this dilemma will be over.

Enhanced Community Quarantine – Day 10

It has been ten days since President Rodrigo Duterte placed the entire island of Luzon under “enhanced community quarantine”  as COVID-19 pandemic cases continue to increase in the country.  We didn’t expect this thing to happen but we need to accept the fact that this is happening right now. Under Enhanced Community Quarantine strict home quarantine should be observed in all households, no public transportations are allowed to operate, facility for food and essential services shall be controlled. By doing this government believes that covid-19 patients will be lessen.

I know this is not easy. The last time I went outside was March 16 to buy some goods. I still have stocks and able to survive the coming days but not all are like me. Many are complaining how they will eat; good thing local government units are doing their part. They give food especially to those who really needed assistance at this time. Here in my place, I received 2 -3 kilos of rice, 2 sardines and 4 pieces of coffee. I’m thankful for this but this is not enough if home quarantine will continue for a month.

I’m with the government and will follow home quarantine. I hope others will do their part. This is for us guys don’t be argumentative and just obey our government officials. And for the administration please continue to give aid especially to those who really need assistance. And for my fellow Filipinos, I know the government is doing everything in order to fight COVID-19. Let us cooperate; stay at home so virus will stop spreading, don’t forget to pray. I know God is there for us He is just waiting for us to call Him. Be strong soon we will witness Philippines is free from this threatening virus.