3 Old-Timey Crafts You Can Learn at Home

If you are like many people around the world, you’ve been spending a bit more time at home lately. Although the circumstances are trying, good can emerge from the experience. Learning a heritage craft builds confidence and dexterity while also helping to preserve skills that are quickly becoming lost to future generations. 

1. Leatherwork

Maybe you’ve always enjoyed the feeling of skipping into a brand new pair of shoes. Take that to a whole new level by trying your hand at making those shoes yourself. You’ll control the entire process from tanning the leather to putting final stitches on their design. If you find a new passion for working with leather, there are a range of products you can make: bags, wallets, key fobs -if you can think of it, you can create it once you find a reliable source of wet and salted cattle hides Bronx NY

2. Knitting

It’s almost magical how two plain knitting needles can transform yarn into anything from practical socks to elaborate lace. To experience the wonder yourself, use this time to learn how to knit. Once you master the basic stitches, learn how to read patterns so you can work up to bigger and more complex projects that make great gifts for friends and family.  

3. Baking

More and more people are discovering the satisfaction that comes with being elbow deep in rich, yeasty dough as they look for simple and comforting ways to pass the time at home. Start out slow with a simple shortbread or chocolate chip cookie recipe. Work your way up to more complex projects like sourdough or yeast bread. You might even find a fun and informative online cake decorating class to help you dress up your creations in style. 

What heritage crafts have in common is that you can make something out of seemingly nothing. There is a great sense of comfort and accomplishment that comes from turning a pile of flour into warm and delicious bread or a cowhide into footwear. 

DIY: Hair clip storage

I have old magazines that are just hid in the closet. So, I checked youtube on how to recycle old magazines and thankful because there are many available tutorials. So here is my first DIY (Do it yourself) stuff. I made hair clip storage; my daughter’s hairclips are located everywhere in the room. So, this is the reason why I made this hairclip storage. Now, it’s easy for me to find her hair clips every time I need it especially when going to school. Actually, you can put hair clips in shoe box without making this thing but I want daughter’s hair clip storage more presentable =). 

Anyway, as I said there are many tutorials in youtube so credit to them.  I was inspired to do recycle out of old magazines because I found it easy but needs patience and time . Let me share how I made this hairclip storage but I’m not good in giving tutorial so please bear with me, heheh. 

Materials:    Old magazines, Shoe box, Glue stick, Glue Gun, Pen

Step 1 –  Get an old shoe box. Wrap the whole shoe box with magazine it should be looked like the photo below.


Step 2 –  Roll a piece of magazine using pen. One page of magazine will give you 6 rolls. After rolling, glue it around shoe box. 


Step 3 – Make sure to put piece of roll magazine around the shoe box and voila this is the result, daughter’s hair clip storage.