The Tools Of The Trade For A Doctor

Most people have an image in their heads of what the average doctor looks like, and seeing a doctor who matches that expected image can help to put a patient at ease. Did you ever wonder what some of those accessories are for and why your doctor carries them around? It can be interesting to learn the tools of the trade for a doctor, outside of the physician lab coat, and understand what those tools are used for.


The device wrapped around your doctor’s neck that is used to listen to your heart and other internal organs is called a stethoscope. It is an incredibly sensitive piece of equipment that can hear through layers of flesh and give your doctor an accurate representation of your heartbeat, breathing rate or anything else your doctor may want to hear.

Tongue Compressor

When your doctor wants to look into your throat, they will pull out a handheld light and a flat, wooden device. That wooden device is called a tongue compressor, and it is one of the pieces of medical technology that has not changed in hundreds of years. Your doctor uses the tongue compressor to push down and compress your tongue to get it out of the way so they can see down your throat clearly.

Reflex Hammer

Sometimes the medical world just calls a medical device what it is to make things easier on everyone. More than likely, you have seen that small hammer your doctor carries that they use to test your reflexes on various parts of your body. Conveniently enough, that device is called a reflect hammer. It is another piece of medical equipment that has not changed in a very long time.

When your doctor enters the waiting room, you usually see your doctor covered in various medical accessories. You could recognize them on site, but you might not be able to name them. Sometimes it helps to calm your nerves before a doctor appointment when you know what all of those things do and why your doctor uses them.