Entrecard is over?

So entrecard is over? I’ve seen my entrecard widget not working for couple of days already (I think for almost a week). I haven’t visited the site of entrecard so I’m really clueless till now but a friend said it’s over already. I hope they are just down and not gone forever. 

I’m sad if this is really true because for the past months I’ve been depending on them in getting visitors in all my blogs. Actually, I have new health blog and planning to add in entrecard as well. But as a rule, the blog should be 3 months running before adding in the site. Since my blog is fresh so I’m waiting till my health blog runs for about 3 months. Well, I think waiting is not advisable already because of the problem that entrecard is facing now.

Anyhow, still hoping entrecard will go back into business because it really provides traffic in my blogs. How about you are you affected by the sudden shutdown of entrecard? Do you have any similar sites I will be willing to join them. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone =).