It’s my Birthday!

Happy Birthday to myself, lol … kidding aside it’s my birthday today. We didn’t celebrate much, just a simple celebration with my family in the abode. It’s just a simple yet another memorable birthday for me. I will not make this post lengthy I’m tired already not because of my birthday but because I enrolled Kyla in school. This coming June she will start her first schooling. My wish for my birthday is for you Kyla. Hope you will finish your nursery level and you will overcome your shyness. Good luck in this new pace of your life. And just enjoy every single day!

Anyhow, thank you all who left birthday greetings in my Facebook account eventhough i’m not an active user of FB. Also want to express my thanks in PMC group in Facebook. Thank you very much… you all made my day complete.

Headache attacks…

Lately this afternoon headache attacks on me. I also felt a little dizziness; the last thing I ate was ice cream do I need to blame ice cream for that, lol. Anyway, in a serious note I guess it’s because of my sleeping routine lately. I have been sleeping late at night for the past days or should I say month’s hahah. Being addicted to blogging is the main reason but its fine with me. I mean I am addicted in blogging but I get something out of it. Unlike before that I am addicted in Facebook mostly in Farmville game without getting anything. So I guess what I am enthusiastic right now doesn’t have any dilemma at all. I should just learn how to handle my time and have enough sleep so dizziness and headache will not arise again.