Wanna Have Dinner Together?

Because of covid19 pandemic, most of us stay at home. In my place we were lockdown for two months. No one was allowed to go out except those who are working as frontliners like doctors, nurses, military personnel, policemen, and those who provide essential services.

Only one household member with a quarantine pass could go out once a week. There were no public transportation systems available. This one was really hard specifically to those who don’t have their own vehicles since its difficult to walk home while carrying heavy groceries. Thanks to my sister for lining up, buying, and delivering my food during the 2-month quarantine.

I bet not only here in the Philippines experienced lockdown but other countries as well. So, what did you do when you were lockdown in your abode?  Me, I cook a lot until now when not in work, I do cooking. For two months in the house, I didn’t imagine that I will be cooking different dishes from fish, meat, vegetables, bread and desserts. Honestly, I am not a good cook but I have no choice because if I won’t cook we will not eat. Well, I learned different dishes from these months of staying at home. Thanks to google and youtube because they always provide help anytime of the day. Whatever recipe you need these two will provide what you are looking for.

So here are some of the foods I cooked last 2-month quarantine period. I will share more next time. You can also view the food I made on my Youtube channel https://youtu.be/h-855BEVvR0