Wanna Have Dinner Together?

Because of covid19 pandemic, most of us stay at home. In my place we were lockdown for two months. No one was allowed to go out except those who are working as frontliners like doctors, nurses, military personnel, policemen, and those who provide essential services.

Only one household member with a quarantine pass could go out once a week. There were no public transportation systems available. This one was really hard specifically to those who don’t have their own vehicles since its difficult to walk home while carrying heavy groceries. Thanks to my sister for lining up, buying, and delivering my food during the 2-month quarantine.

I bet not only here in the Philippines experienced lockdown but other countries as well. So, what did you do when you were lockdown in your abode?  Me, I cook a lot until now when not in work, I do cooking. For two months in the house, I didn’t imagine that I will be cooking different dishes from fish, meat, vegetables, bread and desserts. Honestly, I am not a good cook but I have no choice because if I won’t cook we will not eat. Well, I learned different dishes from these months of staying at home. Thanks to google and youtube because they always provide help anytime of the day. Whatever recipe you need these two will provide what you are looking for.

So here are some of the foods I cooked last 2-month quarantine period. I will share more next time. You can also view the food I made on my Youtube channel https://youtu.be/h-855BEVvR0

Christmas 2018

photo not mine

Merry Christmas everyone … How you celebrate Christmas so far? Our Christmas this year is different because the family is not complete anymore. My mother passed away last July. We missed her everyday especially my daughter but life must go on. So for this Christmas, we have only few foods to dig in. I made baked macaroni and fried chicken. My sister made buco salad, this is always present on the table of many Filipinos during this season. I bought muffin at S&R and my niece gave me this chocolate cake from her first ever earnings. Simple food but we satisfied 🙂

This is the normal Christmas for us simple food and no party at all … normally the family gathers during new years eve but this year will be different because of my mother’s loss. But hope we will have a blast this coming new year .. 

Typical Filipino Breakfast

My breakfast earlier was typical Filipino food. I cooked garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg and longanisa from Lucban, Quezon. We went there last Sunday so we bought longanisa, one of their famous foods. Breakfast won’t be complete without fruit. We have leftover watermelon but surprisingly it wasn’t fresh already. Well, because watermelon was in the refrigerator for three days already. We ate the half when we bought it but half was left. Well, I still ate some portion so lesson learned eat watermelon right away after you slice it. Oh well, my tummy was  happy  this morning. This only happens if I cook in the morning and if there are available food to cook.  For the record, i’m not really good in cooking but i can cook few dishes. I love to cook garlic fried rice. My ingredients for this is really simple all i need are oil, garlic, leftover rice, turmeric powder and salt and pepper. I like putting turmeric powder because of the benefits given of this powder. The health benefits of turmeric include an improved ability to digest fats, reducing gas and bloating, decreased congestion, and improved skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Turmeric has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in Chinese and Indian medicine for millennia.

source (google.com)


My Version of Sinigang na Manok

For our dinner I cooked sinigang na manok (sinigang is very popular Filipino soup). I think I already cooked this dish but for sure with the help of my mother. Earlier, I made all by myself. For me it’s a big accomplishment, hahah! I do bake but not professional and sometimes cook dishes but always have this negative thinking that whoever eats won’t like it. Anyway, back to sinigang, I’m happy because my daughter was the one to taste it and she liked it. We all know that sinigang has sour taste; my daughter likes it and even singing asim kilig, commercial of knorr sinigang. Sorry I don’t have the photo of my sinigang na manok but indeed tasted good.

Here’s what I used: onion, tomatoes, chicken, salt (I like to put fish sauce but not available), pepper, water, string beans, radish, kangkong (river spinach), siling haba (long chili) and knorr sinigang mix.

First sauté onion and when translucent add tomatoes until cooked. Add chicken and let it cook for awhile until it changed color to slightly brown. Add water and season with salt and pepper. Put knorr sinigang mix as well and let it simmer. When the chicken is cooked, its time to add the vegetables; string beans, radish, siling haba and put kangkong last maybe a minute before you turn off the fire.

For sure this is not the last time I will be cooking sinigang since my daughter likes it. And the next time I will make sure to take photo of my sinigang.