Benefits Of Natural Wood Furniture

Contemporary furniture often incorporates a lot of metal and plastics into their materials. We’ve gone away from good, old-fashioned wood furniture in favor of cheaper, sleeker materials that might look terrific for awhile but will begin to chip and peel in only a few years. Compare that to natural wood furniture that is often in salvageable shape after a couple of hundred years. If you opt for contemporary furniture, you might have a sleek set of furniture for a few years but you’re purchasing what amounts to disposable furniture.

For some folks, this just won’t do. They’re making a return to the natural furniture Portland used to churn out at its beginning. Wood furniture gives households a warmth that contemporary metal and plastic furniture just can’t give out. It’s the durability also that exudes quality and elegance. You have a true piece of furniture when you have wood furniture, a natural object that like the trees in nature will stand for centuries to come, even if you have to refinish from time to time.

Taking care of wood furniture leaves it reliable and elegant year-round. It’s as simple as polishing and treating the wood so that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Aside from the sheer elegance and durability of wood furniture, you have furniture that is truly versatile. There are so many different types of wood that can enliven your household’s aura, and some of those pieces of wood furniture are homemade, hand-carved from people who take the time to create not just furniture but art. The beauty of wood furniture is one of its primary advantages, as you will never get that type of craftsmanship from a piece of metal or plastic furniture mass-produced in a factory.

Matching furniture can be a challenge when you have plastic and metal furniture, but with wood furniture, its timeless appeal tends to go with pretty much any other piece of furniture that you have. When you buy natural wood furniture, you’ll find yourself able to coordinate pieces of furniture much more easily than you can with cheap pieces of plastic and metal furniture. While not everyone can afford wood furniture – it naturally costs more than other types of furniture- if you can afford it, it’s well worth the investment. It lasts for centuries if you take good care of it, and it just looks beautiful.

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look and Feel Larger

There are few things more frustrating than feeling like the walls are closing in while you’re in bed. Your bedroom might look and feel smaller because you have slanted ceilings, a bed that is too large for the space, too much furniture in the room or even because of the clutter in your bedroom. You might even feel so frustrated that you give some serious thought to putting your house on the market. Before contacting a real estate agent, find out how you can make a smaller bedroom look and feel much larger.

Opt for Double Duty Pieces

Your bedroom might feel small and claustrophobic simply because you have too many things in your room and not enough space for those things. While you might not have space or money in your budget to add a walk-in closet, you can bring in double duty pieces that serve as storage. Take a buffet out of the kitchen and into your bedroom. This longer piece of furniture has space for clothing and accessories and can fit your television on top. Nightstands with drawers and shelves give you even more storage space.

Choose the Right Furniture

Make sure your bedroom furniture fits the amount of space you have available. A Thomasville Furniture bed with storage drawers beneath gives you ample space for clothing and other items, while a smaller chest of drawers gives you storage space without taking up as much room as a larger dresser will. You may want to consider investing in a bed that uses an upholstered headboard with no footboard as well. These beds fit right up against the wall and won’t feature additional elements that might get in your way.

 photo bedroom_zpsyplqmrxp.jpg

Reach for a Paint Can

The best way to make your room look larger and feel more spacious is with a new coat of paint. Darker colors have a tendency to overwhelm the space and can make it feel like the ceilings are even lower to the ground. A lighter paint color will open up the room and make it feel much larger. Make sure you apply primer to prevent the older color from bleeding through. The natural light reflecting off a shade like lemon yellow or mint green can make your bedroom look like a whole new room.

Painting the walls, choosing the right furniture and using double duty pieces can make your small bedroom feel much larger.

A House with Complete Furniture

One of my dreams is to have my own house with complete furniture. I have daughter already but we still living with my mother. I hope in the near future, we will be enjoying our own house, it doesn’t matter whether small or big, what matter is it’s our own. Living not your own is hard because you cannot make revision. Sometimes I want to make changes but I don’t have the right. So, I’m really hoping and praying that one day my daughter and I will be living in our own house and build our fun-loving memory. If this thing happens, of course I need rustic furniture. A house is not complete without furniture’s so I have to check for the best furniture to have an idea. I know owning a house is not an easy thing but I will not stop on dreaming and aiming for one. In the meantime, I have to look for bed because my daughter and I are sharing in one bed. I need a bed with bigger size so we can be comfortable while having our siestas.