What’s Wrong with My Garage Door?

Garage doors are great when they work, but when they don’t, the inconveniences can range from minor (you can’t get into your garage to put things away) to major (you can’t get things out of your garage). Sometimes the problems can be minor and self-addressed; in other instances, you’ll need the services of a garage door Toronto company to fix the problems.

garage door photo garagedoor_zps3f4250b0.jpg

Here are a few issues you can troubleshoot and possibly fix yourself:

The garage door falls down.
If your garage door falls, rather than glides, chances are the extension springs are stretched or worn out completely, and need to be replaced.

The garage door won’t stay down.
If your garage door opens on its own, and you’ve eliminate the possibility of a rogue remote, check the size of the extension springs. They’re probably in excellent condition, but may simply be too strong. If this is the culprit, then replace the existing extension springs with lighter ones.

The garage door is lopsided.
If there is a gap on the left or right side, check the torsion and extension spring cable, as well as the pulleys. Replace any that look frayed, stretched, or otherwise worn.

The garage door remote doesn’t fully function.
If your garage door remote only opens or closes your door, check the position of the camera photo eye, and make sure that the lens is clean. Also look for nearby wires or wireless transmitters, and move them further away to prevent any possible interference.

Issues that you are unable to troubleshoot or resolve yourself should be addressed by a professional garage door Mississauga company.