A Way to Help Athletes Manage Extreme Conditions

Each time an athlete strikes out on a running, cycling or hiking adventure in extremely hot or cold conditions, it is worrisome, but there are companies developing materials that make it safer for athletes and others seeking challenging recreation to endure these conditions.

One example of a company that is developing materials such as Prosport and Pro Sport is Nanex. These types of companies use these types of products and technologies to help athletes battle extreme and inhumane conditions by using a superior class of nano-coatings. Along with super-hydrophobics, these materials optimize to enhance gear and clothing to support professional athletes who can’t resist a trek across a brutal desert or a hike into freezing conditions.

If you are a professional athlete who wants to take your training and outdoor experience to the next level, this type of gear might work ideally for you. With an advanced protective coating on the gear, you can keep the cold or heat at bay with the nano particles and super-hydrophobic materials that these companies use to make safety-focused gear. All this and the materials are still breathable, so your skin won’t suffer, and you won’t become too hot, cold or sweaty during your adventures.

prosport photo Prosport1_zps58d568f1.png

These products help you control what seem like uncontrollable environments, starting with your own skin and the gear that you will find with these highly specialized sports-focused companies that use the most progressive science and technology to keep you safe on your excursions, whether they take you to Death Valley or to the peak of Mt. Everest.