Now that she’s in Grade One

Time flies this is the last day of the month of June. I hope my daughter finally adopt her new school. The previous school was okay but I don’t think we can go far. I mean the school is merely for rich students only or if not those who can afford the increasing tuition fees yearly. And since we are not that rich or should I say we are really not. So I decided to transfer my daughter in new school.

My daughter is in grade one now, so whole day class already. It’s a big adjustment on her part because she needs to wake up early in the morning. After lunch she needs to go back to attend her afternoon class. Now, she has twice the number of classmates compared to the previous school. She is a shy-type person and I hope in the new environment with lots of students and classmates her shyness would be gone. I look forward to this thing and her confidence would also develop now that she is in elementary stage.

Well, good luck Kyla. One day you will read my blogs because you are already learning how to read. Many of my blog entries are about her. I was upset because she doesn’t like reading. Well, I won’t push her and will give her time till she decides but I will continue to remind her that reading is important and through this she will learn everything.