Preschool Amazing Talents

Earlier at my daughter’s school, all the preschool students showed their talents through dancing, singing, story telling and modeling. This is line with the school foundation celebration. The girls from my daughter’s class participated through a dance number. They were asked to wear semi formal outfit. While my daughter’s boy classmates showed a medley dance number. They were cute with their glasses and toy guitar, an exceptional fender custom shop bass wasn’t used of course. Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching tomorrow’s activity which is kite flying.

Guitar Amplifier

I’m admiring those people playing guitar very well. This was the instrument that I wanted to learn when I was young but for some reason it didn’t happen. Anyway, my nephew has a regular guitar and an electric guitar. I’m not sure if he has an amp that could helps the sound of his electric guitar more powerful. I saw this bugera 2×12 at WWBW that looks interesting. You can have different sound if you connect this to your electric guitar. Well, I have to ask my nephew and he might want to get this amp.

She has an interest on different instruments

Daughter keeps on bugging me because his petite guitar was already broken. So last time when we went to the mall we also visit instrument store to ask if they could fix the string of the guitar. Actually this guitar was only  free when we bought her piano. Daughter doesn’t really play well but she loves using it and just enjoying. Anyway, its almost one week since I talked to the staff of instrument store so she keeps on asking me when will I bring her guitar to this instrument store. At early age she already appreciate music and different instruments so I’m look forward on what music could bring to her. She has an interest on different instruments and I guess soon she will like acoustic bass as well. My dream for her is to master even just one instrument because its my frustration.

Nephew loves guitar

My nephew is a guitar lover. He bought his first guitar way back 4 years ago. From the very moment he has the guitar it’s always in his side. He carries it wherever he goes but when he migrated to Canada he left his first guitar here and now my other nieces are the ones using it. I heard my nephew already bought an electric guitar, I might tell him about roland effects pedals Musicians friend. This could make the sound of his electric guitar more pleasant to the listeners.