Please support my new health blog

How is your weekend so far? Me, I’m fine after 3-4 days of suffering from cold and cough. I still have cough once in a while but not like the previous days. I’m thankful because I didn’t encounter any fever because the previous days the daughter had science week and I need to assist her especially during the time she participates in Science Quiz Bee. I will talk about this in my other blog.

On a lighter note I just created my sixth blog. This time it’s about Health blog, well I’m not living a healthy lifestyle I will admit that. This is the reason why I made my new blog, for me to inspire and live a healthy lifestyle, I hope so, wink!

My blog Mona’s Health Corner  is just new and still need to do more especially template. I’m still busy with other things but I will find time getting new template suitable for my health blog. If you have time, please visit my health blog so this blog will not feel alone, thanks much and enjoy weekend wherever you are.