Helena’s Promise

Another Korean drama series will be airing this month on ABS-CBN. Its called Helena’s Promise in the Philippines but its actually named as Scent of a Woman. I am excited to watch it because of the outline of the story.


Here is the synopsis of the story. ((from wikipedia).

As a single, unmarried woman in her mid-thirties, Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) is meek and timid, considered a spinster by society. After spending ten years working for the same travel company owned by Kang Chul Man, she is falsely accused of stealing from a client. In addition to enduring the accusations of her superiors, she is diagnosed with gallbladder cancer with approximately six months left to live. Mustering up her courage, Yeon Jae resigns and embraces her remaining six months of life.

Embarking on her first vacation alone, she splurges on clothes and flies first-class to Okinawa, Japan, where she runs into her dream man, Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook), the son of her former boss. Ji Wook is a young rich man, cynical and lifeless, until he falls in love with Yeon Jae. Together they live out a series of misadventures, both comical and bittersweet, as Yeon Jae completes each dream in her Bucket List.

I confessed that I loved to watch Asian series whether it’s Japanese, Taiwanese or Korean series. I love how the story delivers it’s not so complicated unlike here in the Philippines (sorry for that). I said complicated because sometimes series here runs for a long time. They always added characters which made the story complicated. Anyway, for sure I will watch Helena’s Promise. Watching Asian series is my passion right now. For me watching them make me feel relax and forget worries while watching.