Maintenance Checks and Repairs During Summer

For sure everyone is excited because summer is almost here. So, have you booked your vacation places already? We can still feel the northeast monsoon in the morning but we can’t deny the hot weather in the afternoon. So we can say summer is fast approaching. Anyway, before your summer getaway, make sure your home is safe and free of damages. Here are some maintenance checks and repairs during summer.

Dry season is the best time to do house maintenance checks and repairs as the repairs will not be hampered by the rains. And because its school ends, this is also the best time for the kids to help. So what are the home maintenance activities we can do?

Wash and clean exterior of the house – this is the best time to give good scrubs especially the walls.  Regular soap and water will do. If needs some repaint better do it today but be sure to use paint especially for exterior walls.  Based on what I read rains contain acid that can penetrate the walls and cause damage. So for sure too much rains from the last rainy season left something bad in our walls.
Clean gutters and catch basins  – simply to prevent clogging and dirty gutters would result to easy damaged.

Check roof for leaks – Of course it’s not a good idea patching up holes during rainy season so better do it while its hot. You can check watermarks in ceiling, if there’s spot for sure your roof is already damaged. Check roof paint if peeling or chipping already if so, this is the best time to repaint.

Check Air Conditioning Unit – this is the hardest working appliance during summer months so to make sure it is working fine do a regular cleaning.

Trim trees and bushes – untidy plants make home look dark and cluttered. Also branches of the trees might entangle in electric wires.

Septic tank maintenance  – I read that cleaning a septic tank can be done in 7 to 10 years but if you can’t flush toilet anymore better check and clean the tank. Avoid flushing down tissue paper and other items such as sanitary napkin in bowl. For floor drains put strainer to catch hair and other wastes. Product like liquid sosa can be used to kitchen sinks to melt down oils dumped into it and prevent clogging.

Hire a pest control experts – need some actions to our household pests like flies, mosquitoes, cockroach, fleas, rodents and dread home destroyer termites. We don’t want to live in a dirty house. Summer is also the breeding season for flies; use insecticides with green label or Eco-friendly and not hazardous.   (Read from magazine).