Souvenir photos

These photos were taken last April, if I remembered it right it was taken last 3 Day Sale in SM Mall in our place. So, while strolling at the mall we saw this mascot of Wonder Park. Kyla ran on the mascot and I saw the mascot gave something to Kyla. When I handed it, it’s a plastic with lollipop and one coloring picture of the mascot. Good thing I have the camera on me so had the chanced to take a souvenir photo.

This photo was taken outside the cinema. I don’t know why they had this decoration. But I find it nice so I asked Kyla to pose for a souvenir photo. Good thing she agreed with me. She even rode in a boat after. See the coconuts? It is one of the products in our place.

Lastly, we saw Hetty dancing in front of Jollibee store. So we headed in the store. After her dance, she started to wave goodbye but I asked the crew if I can take a souvenir photo. Good thing the crew let me take one photo. You’re lucky Kyla because the crew remembered you as one of their students in Jollibee workshop.

Kyla in her wacky and cute smile

This is Kyla everytime I tell her to smile in the camera she often give me a wacky shot/smile first.

C’mon Kyla give me a nice smile …

Finally heheh, i’m linking this post to Mellow Yellow Monday. Kyla is carrying her stuffed to; Hetty is part of Jollibee mascots.

After more than 16 hours finally electricity in our place got back ..