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The color chosen for a room always has a great impact on the walls or spaces it covers. The appropriate color combination can make your kitchen look bigger or smaller, cheerier or more solemn. Knowing how color choices affect overall design can help you pick colors that make your kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles represent you.

Texture plays an important role in the overall appearance of your kitchen as well. Stainless steel, with its sleek visual appeal, contrasts beautifully with the natural, warm feeling elicited by wood.

Bright, bold colors such as orange, turquoise and fuchsia make the biggest impact in the kitchen.

One creative way to choose the right colors for your kitchen is to use the Chakra system. This system uses colors that are matched to certain parts of the body. The seven major chakra energy centers are located along the spine. Each of the centers resonates to a particular color and is matched to an individual organ, group of organs or glands. Each chakra works individually, and yet they all work as part of a unified system to achieve balance and harmony. Sky blue is the color assigned to the throat, green to the heart, yellow to the solar plexus and red to the base of the spine. Those using the Chakra system would chose the color blue to encourage self-expression and yellow to aid digestion.