This Kid Loves Balut


It’s nice to see your kid eating with enthusiasm. My daughter is not a picky eater but she eats only little. But from time to time she is asking for foods. I think this is fine. I heard before that eating small amount every meal is fine rather than heavy eating in one meal. So my daughter eating small portion and then ask again later is much better.

The good thing about my daughter is her love of eating vegetables and fruits. She prefers vegetable and fish than meat. Before she didn’t want to eat meat at all but I told her that we need meat also in order to grow. Now, she eats everything already from vegetables, fish and meat but the latter is occasional.

Lately, she enjoys eating balut (balot). This is commonly sold as street food in the Philippines. It is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. Unlike other street foods, balut is always safe as it is always sold piping hot and sealed (unopened).Balut is nutritious and flavorful. 

I thought she wouldn’t like it when I first showed it to her. You know how a balut looks like inside so I thought she would say ewwwwww. I was wrong because she wanted to taste it especially the broth. And when she finally tasted it she said it’s yummy.

balut photo balut_zps48e5512b.jpg

There is balut vendor always passing at our house at around 5pm. Every time my daughter hears this balut vendor she is asking me to buy but I don’t let her eat balut everyday. I only buy balut when I’m craving for this food and this the only time also she can eat this food. Anyhow, few days ago my mother purchased balut and my daughter got one. She ate everything but not the tough part. My daughter said one is not enough to her, lol. she really likes balut!