How to make money through blogging?

In my previous post I shared how I started my career as a blogger. I also mentioned that my primary goal was to earn money through blogging. And in my two years of doing this thing I was pleased because indeed there is money through blogging. Actually, before I started here in blogosphere I joined PTC (paid to click) sites. If you really wanted to earn I’m not suggesting to join PTC sites because its hard to earn money in this job. Well, if you have countless referral you are sure to earn much through paid to click.

I heard it’s easier to make money through blogging. Reason I was convinced to start my own blog even I was clueless at first. So how to make money through blogging? Actually its not hard, in fact there are many opportunities to earn money in your blog. I remember my first task here was text link. Advertiser asked me to put their link in my sidebar in exchange for some amount. I accepted their offer because the link doesn’t cause any trouble to my site. Later on, I joined different sites that offer paid to post in my blog. Aside from that I was thankful because there are direct advertisers who are willing to work with me through my blog. See, there are lots of opportunities in our blog. All we have to do is maintain our blog and be happy on what we are doing.