DIY: Hair clip storage

I have old magazines that are just hid in the closet. So, I checked youtube on how to recycle old magazines and thankful because there are many available tutorials. So here is my first DIY (Do it yourself) stuff. I made hair clip storage; my daughter’s hairclips are located everywhere in the room. So, this is the reason why I made this hairclip storage. Now, it’s easy for me to find her hair clips every time I need it especially when going to school. Actually, you can put hair clips in shoe box without making this thing but I want daughter’s hair clip storage more presentable =). 

Anyway, as I said there are many tutorials in youtube so credit to them.  I was inspired to do recycle out of old magazines because I found it easy but needs patience and time . Let me share how I made this hairclip storage but I’m not good in giving tutorial so please bear with me, heheh. 

Materials:    Old magazines, Shoe box, Glue stick, Glue Gun, Pen

Step 1 –  Get an old shoe box. Wrap the whole shoe box with magazine it should be looked like the photo below.


Step 2 –  Roll a piece of magazine using pen. One page of magazine will give you 6 rolls. After rolling, glue it around shoe box. 


Step 3 – Make sure to put piece of roll magazine around the shoe box and voila this is the result, daughter’s hair clip storage.