Eat Bulaga Indonesia

“Today marks another milestone for Eat Bulaga as the first international franchise of our show will be launched in Indonesia, Eat Bulaga Indonesia in SCTV,” this is the official statement of Eat Bulaga.

Eat Bulaga holds the record of being the longest running noontime variety show here in the Philippines. It was started way back 1979 on RPN 9 and at present airing on GMA Network. I was only 2-year-old when Eat Bulaga started, now I have 4-year-old daughter already. Indeed, historical achievement for Eat Bulaga. The main purpose of Eat Bulaga show is to help especially poor people and to give happiness to everyone.

The first international version of Eat Bulaga called Eat Bulaga Indonesia was premiered on Indonesia last July 16, 2012 under SCTV network. And just like the original show, Eat Bulaga Indonesia has similar concept. The Indonesian version will be filled with entertainment, games, prizes, and inspiration just like Eat Bulaga. The segments on Eat Bulaga like Pinoy Henyo, One For All, All For One, Bulagaan, and Karaoke Stud will also be featured in Eat Bulaga Indonesia. Earlier I watched in youtube some part of Eat Bulaga Indonesia version of One For All, All For One and the concept is similar to the original. The team song of Eat Bulaga was also used but of course they used their language and changed lyrics. They used the same tune and the title of the show Eat Bulaga is mentioned in their theme song.

Statement from Eat Bulaga Indonesia said, we want this program to be a success like in the Philippines, where it has been running for the past 33 years.” historical achievement of the show.

Indeed historical achievement because it’s the only show running for almost three decades and still counting. I think this is the first show in the Philippines that got international franchise. We used to get franchise from other countries but now we got the first franchise (as far as I know) from other country. Well, Eat Bulaga Indonesia will be airing for 13 weeks and see how the people respond to the show. Well, good luck Eat Bulaga Indonesia and hope your show will be a successful one just like the the original Eat Bulaga.