Affordable Underwater Camera

Yesterday I watched one of the shows on NewsTV sorry I can’t remember the name of the show. It’s my first time to watch the show; I don’t know why I was interested to watch the review of underwater camera. Well I guess because in time for summer yeah it’s not the end of summer though there are rainy showers already.  Aside from that it is very affordable, I can’t believe that we can buy underwater camera for less than 5,000 pesos. The Kodak underwater camera is 5,500 pesos (the one I will share).

The host and three other people reviewed three different underwater cameras. I will just concentrate with Kodak Playful Waterproof Video Camera because they chose it over the two other underwater cameras. 

The Kodak Playful Waterproof Camera is handy and trendy. It can put in any pocket or purse because of sleek design. It has 720p HD video, record up to 10 hours of HD with expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32GB. It has built-in USB arm for easy sharing. It can plunge up to 10 ft underwater for up to 2 hours.

Aside from the beautiful features what I like with Kodak underwater camera is the price. As i said earlier for only 5,500 pesos you can have this waterproof camera. Well, looking forward to buy this kind of camera. For me its useful especially during summer so must buy for me. There are many things we can see underwater but it’s not possible with regular camera so hoping to own one. And its nice to keep souvenir photos or videos underwater.