Missing Korean Series

I can’t remember the last time I watched Korean series. I’m an avid fan of Korean whether series or movies. I used to watch on tablet but I think the application isn’t working already. In the app that I used before I normally downloaded first the episodes and watch them later. Now, I don’t think it’s possible already. Well, I haven’t tried it for a long time because the tablet I had was broken. I made a post of this app long time ago and I received comments that the app isn’t performing well but I’m not sure because I can’t open the tablet and I have the app there.

Aside from tablet I also watch Korean series on television. I like to watch it on big screen and besides I need to read the translation so I need a bigger one. I have DVD’s but the player wasn’t working for a long time. It gave me CD error or no CD inserted something like that. The tablet was broken and dilemma in DVD player, oh my why o why not working at the same time. If not on tablet or TV, I don’t think I will see K series in other gadgets. I’m late already what’s hot and new K series, should find time to bring DVD player in the technician because I’m really missing Korean series.

Missing Korean Series

 I’m addicted to Korean series and I have been saying this for a long time ago. I can’t remember how many series I already watched and they were all loved. I’m really hooked with them and the stories are really good whether its comedy, fantasy and drama. There were times the stories have sad ending but still two thumbs up. So love to see the beautiful sceneries and faces of Korean.

Sadly, I can’t watch Korean now that my daughter is in grade one. I wake up at around 5:30 and if I have free time I choose to sleep. I really miss watching Korean series. I think the last time was in April so it’s really months ago. I’m thinking to watch while waiting for my daughter in the afternoon. Before I used to know what are the latest series but now I’m really clueless.

Anyway, two Korean series; Lovers in Paris and My Girl will be airing again on ABS-CBN. I think Lovers in Paris airing today and no definite date for My Girl. I like both and I think I’m gonna watch it again. Both these series have pinoy adaptation also made by ABS-CBN.

Addicted to Asian Series

I think its Meteor Garden (Taiwanese series) days that I’ve been addicted to Asian series. After this I learned about Korean series and started to watch them couple of years ago. Honestly I love Asian series (Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese) than our own Filipino/Tagalog series because stories are not so complicated. It’s direct to the point and stories are not extended up to the point that you’re not interested already in the story.

I can’t count how many Asian series I already watched but here are some that I truly loved 🙂

Meteor Garden
Autumn Concerto
Autumn in my Heart (must see/ I cried a lot, lol)
Spring Waltz
You’re Beautiful (A.N.JELL)
Full House
Personal Taste
Stairway to Heaven
Boys over Flowers

They are just few of what I already watched. Right now I’m watching My GF is a Gumiho another cute/fantasy story. Here is one of the episodes, thanks to the owner of this video.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to watch these old and new asian series.

Love letter, Love story in Harvard, Sweet 18, Vacation
Princess hours, Winter sonata, Absolute boyfriend, Hana yori dango
Jewel in the palace, Dream high, Secret garden. Playful kiss
Coffee prince, Shining inheritance, Oh! My lady
I’m sorry I loved you, Marry me mary, 1 litre of tears
Smiling pasta, my sweetheart, Lavender, Pure Love

How about you guys? Have been addicted to Asian series too? Care to share maybe i can watch it too 🙂