Gift Certificate

Having credit is really helpful especially if you don’t have cash on hand. For a longest time, i have been a loyal user of one of the leading banks in the Philippines. I’m happy using this card because i don’t need to pay annual fee. One thing you get from using credit card is earning points which can be used in getting freebie. Aside from that, I enjoy rebates as well. There is also Shop. Choose. Redeem. promo that i like the most. Even just P100 gift coupon, i always participate in their promo. The previous was P100 gift certificate from Max’s Restaurant or Krispy Kreme. I chose to redeem my gift certificate from Max’s Restaurant since we don’t have Krispy Kreme store near in my place. Redeeming gift certificate wasn’t hard at all. You just need to present official receipt and credit card used to pay the transaction, at least P3000.

After i got my P100 gift certificate, i used it right away. I bought Max’s caramel bar. It cost P150 for one box, so i paid the remaining 50 pesos. Their caramel bar was delicious, with loaded nuts, a little sweet but just right for my sweet tooth. I wanted to share my box of caramel bar, unfortunately, it was saved from my email and I can’t open my email here in computer shop.

photo not mine.

I hope my credit card provider will have this Shop. Choose. Redeem. promo from time to time because i reallly enjoy this kind of freebie.

Make Magic Happen – Krispy Kreme

I rarely tasted Krispy Kreme Doughnuts  photo snowman_zps9416d012.jpgbecause we don’t have store in our place. We need to go to Manila for us to taste donuts from this store. The problem is we don’t go to Manila regularly and sometimes lucky if we would go there at least twice a year. My sister would give us some because her husband is working in Manila. Few days ago, they gave us donuts from Krispy Kreme so we were delighted. Their donuts are really tasty though very sweet but for me the donuts are definitely luscious. Well, they should be because the price is not cheap. And because Christmas is fast approaching  they have this “Make Magic Happen” wherein you could buy box of donut with Christmas theme. One of the donuts included is the cute snowman. Daughter already ate some part of snowman’s tummy and scarf.  Would love to eat donuts from Krispy Kreme, anyone could give me this as Christmas present?

Krispy Kreme 75th Birthday

So last Friday, daughter and the rest of preschooler students had their first educational field trip. The last destination of daughter’s field trip was Filinvest Mall in Alabang wherein we enjoyed our free time for almost 1 hour. Anyway, after a short stroll in the mall, we decided to buy Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as our pasalubong or (homecoming gift). Oh my, we consumed less than 1 hour just to find the store of Krispy Kreme. We asked tenants where to find the store but we didn’t’ get clear information. Then we saw guard and same thing no clear information provided. We almost give up but we saw another guard and asked once again where we could find Krispy Kreme doughnuts store and we are thankful because he gave the right path. Along the way we saw other people carrying boxes of krispy kreme so we just said sigh, finally the store is here.

Looking at this box, Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 75th birthday! Wow, 75th year in the business so for sure they are really a trusted doughnut store.

There is a wide selection of doughnuts but I chose to buy this original glazed doughnut. I bought 1 dozen for only 285 pesos, its already on sale 🙂

Children were given a Krispy Kreme hat in celebration of their 75th birthday.


Krispy Kreme

I’m not a regular eater of Krispy Kreme because we don’t have store here in our place but their donut is not new to me. I have tasted Krispy Kreme during the time I was in Manila but that was long time ago. I still remember the first time I tasted their donut I liked it because it is tasty and flavorful. 

Anyway, the other day my niece brought Krispy Kreme in the house it was her father’s present who is working in Manila. At last after so long, I tasted Krispy Kreme once again. I have been reading/seeing other bloggers featuring Krispy Kreme and now it’s my time, hahah! Krispy Kreme is really tasty but the price is quite expensive compared to other donut products. Though their donuts are sometimes too sweet but I still love the texture and softness of Krispy Kreme donut. If you are not into sweets just eat with moderation, wink!

According to Wikipedia, Krispy Kreme is the name of an international chain of doughnut stores that was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The parent company of Krispy Kreme is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. (NYSEKKD) and is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States. Krispy Kreme’s first buliding was where Old Salem is now in Winston Salem, NC.