Messy Kyla

I’m transferring the photos from the cam to laptop when I saw these photos. For sure I haven’t showed it because still it’s in the memory of the camera. I keep on smiling looking how messy Kyla was.

I’m not sure when I took these photos but what I remember is that her Ninang Ate (cousin at the same time Godmother) gave her chocolates. I was surprised when she faced me few minutes after.

She thought that I’m mad of her but I laughed and said its fine. Many times that Kyla was really messy while eating. But I guess this is because she is still young and for sure when time comes she will able to know how to eat properly. That’s part of growing Kyla.

By the way, I received comments that I can share these photos in Messy Go Round meme. So now I’m linking this post my first time to join and hope its not the last 🙂

Bottle Feed and Face Paint

While browsing what pictures are stored in this laptop I saw this cute picture of Kyla. This was taken last June of 2010, (so exactly one year after). Kyla attended birthday party of our neighborhood. I am counting how old Kyla was in this photo and based on my calculation she’s exactly 2 and 7 months. At this age Kyla was still feeding on a bottle. I’m not sure but I guess one month after she was already bottle free. And have begun drinking milk on a glass but its not easy at first. But after I talked to her that her bottles were having trouble. I mean I said that it has unpleasant smell already so Mama needs to throw it. I’m glad that she understood easily.

Anyway, this is the first time also that she had this paint on her face. When I asked her if she likes to have the paint on her face she agreed immediately without any hesitation.

Well, time flies really now she is 3 and 7 months already and in less than two weeks she will start her first schooling. So, good luck little girl … Mama is here at your side always.

I’m linking this post for Nostalgia and Pink Fridays.


Do i need to be bothered?

Kyla knew how to use computer/laptop already. I remember the time she is still clueless on how laptop works. She always asking me to write anything here. That time she is happy just by typing any letters in Microsoft Word. And when she discovered that she can play here, she asked for some help. She will insist to open any game but I will be the one to play. She will just look while I am playing. But I think last month I taught her how to use or handle the mouse properly and guess what she learns faster than I expected. She started to play Dora the Explorer on her own in Nickelodeon site. She is very happy that she can dress up Dora. Few days after, I was landed in Sesame street site. There are different games to play and you can choose regarding your age. Anyway to cut the story short now that she knew how to handle the mouse do I need to be bothered? Her latest addiction now is playing Plants vs Zombies. At 3 years old Kyla can play already online. Though she’s not that good I mean she can’t beat all the zombies but she is happy looking at the zombies dying. My dilemma now is she always wanted to use the laptop. Even after she woke up she will insists to play online. I don’t like her to be hooked in online games or just by using computer because we all know that too much exposure here can give some negative effect in our health.

PF: To shoot or not

It’s Friday once again meaning time for Pink Fridays. These photos were taken last night. In the photos Kyla is wearing pink dress so I decided to link it on Pink Fridays.

I asked her to give me a nice pose but she’s not in the mood to take her a picture so I end up with this picture.

I tried for the second time but she runs in the stairs and doesn’t want me to shoot her …. Waaaaahhhh!!

Finally in the third attempt  she’s ready to smile so she gives me this cute smirk 🙂

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Let’s Sing Twinkle Twinkle

This is a quick post; I just want to share a video of Kyla singing Twinkle Twinkle. I see her growing fond of instruments and singing so I hope it will develop as she is growing.

twinkle twinkle

I don’t know why the video doesn’t appear kindly click “twinkle twinkle” for you to watch the video 🙂

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ABC-Wednesday “B”

Its time for ABC Wednesday, the first time that this blog is joining. Actually i joined last week but my post is in my other blog, you can see my A entry here. Now, this blog is participating this meme and i will start with the letter B. My entry is about being BUSY. While doing some works online, my little kyla is BUSY with her stuffs. And now she and her playmate is BUSY coloring some books. So this is my entry for this week ABC-Wednesday.