Praying for Peace in Marawi City

So the batte of Marawi is still ongoing. I seldom watched news lately. We sleep early ever since classes started. Earlier I had a chance to watch news and saw report on Marawi siege or Marawi crisis. This was started last May 23, 2017 and now it’s already August. It is just sad that no one knows when this crisis will stop. Marawi residents are affected and their lives changes since this battle started.

I salute those soldiers doing their job and fighting for the sake of Marawi people and Marawi itself. Sadly many soldiers lost their lives and even civilians. Huge numbers of soldiers were wounded; I admire them for showing their bravery. They even said that they are willing to comeback in the battle field because they wanted to finish the crisis and bring back the old Marawi City.

My prayers are for Marawi City, Mindanao and our country. That He will continue to bless our courageous soldiers and all the people who are working so hard just to end the crisis. I hope this will last anytime soon and all the people of this city will get the freedom and peace which they are hoped-for, for the longest time.