Happy Happy 74th Birthday

Happy 74th birthday to my mother. Yesterday, she had a simple celebration in our simple abode. It wasn’t a huge party. It was only a family celebration but we invited some of closest neighborhood. It was a blast celebration and ate some of our favorite foods. The family wasn’t complete because two of my sisters are living abroad for many years already. Thanks to internet because we were able to talk to them on my mother’s special day.

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Last year, before her 73th birthday she had a serious illness and we were all alarmed. She has been confined in the hospital every other month. We were thankful because she celebrated her 73th birthday not in the hospital. I’m claiming that God already healed her and the doctor even saying it was a miracle. Thanks God for granting our prayers and for giving her another year to live. My wish for my mother is to continue living a happy and healthy life. I personally say thank you for all the love not just for me but for my daughter. Thank you for everything. Happy happy 74th birthday again and wish for more and more candles to blow in the coming years.

Personalized Mothers Rings as Birthday Present

Heard many times… when someone’s birthday is fast approaching and that celebrant is in poor health, there is tendency of surviving the ill or not at all. It happened to my father. His birthday is fast approaching and suddenly he was rushed to the hospital and he didn’t survive. He passed away a month before his 70th birthday.

It was a saddening moment and alarming when my mother was rushed to the hospital for the third time. She has been on and off in the hospital personalized mother rings photo personalizedmotherrings_zpse8d27b5a.jpgsince December last year. The third time was really alarming and we even brought her in Manila. That time her birthday was fast approaching so I was really frightening. I have been counting the days and looking forward in celebrating her special day. I was very happy when I heard the good news that she will be discharged in the hospital after 16 days of confinement.

I’m glad because my mother celebrated her 73rd birthday and her condition is doing well. My wish for her birthday is always good health and happiness. I would like to give her personalized mothers rings. I didn’t have the chance to give any present for her birthday but I know it’s not too late. After this post I will look for this kind of ring and give it to her as my birthday present.