Master’s Sun

Master’s Sun

I just finished watching two Korean dramas; When a Man Falls in Love and Take Care of the Young Lady (My Fair Lady). When a man falls in love is still airing on ABS-CBN during weekdays at primetime. After I watched when a man falls I started watching take care of the young lady and finished it in a day. I heard about my fair lady before but didn’t watch it. I was surprised to know that they were the same.

A Korean fanatic here already starting Master's Sun photo MastersSun_zps4605a470.jpgto watch another drama which is Master’s Sun. It is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Gong Hyo-jin and So Ji-sub. It is a horror-romantic comedy. Honestly, I’m thinking not to finish the series because I was afraid on the first episode, lol.

Synopsis Master’s Sun
Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub) is the stingy and greedy CEO of Kingdom, a conglomerate that includes a major department store and hotel. He meets the gloomy Tae Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin), who started seeing ghosts after an accident. Their lives take a new turn as they work together to deal with the terror and sadness brought about by the spirits, while delving into a kidnapping incident in Joong-won’s past.

Anyhow, I haven’t watched any horror Korean series so I will give this series a try. I already on episode 3 and so far the series is doing well.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady also known as Take Care of Agasshi / Take Care of My Lady / Take Care of the Young Lady is the newest Korean series in ABS CBN airing time is on Kapamilya Gold. It was started last Monday but hasn’t watched it. But for sure as an Asian fanatic I will surely watch this either online or dvd when i’m not busy. And besides i’m still watching My Fierce Wife. Maybe i should finish this one first before jumping to another one, wink!

Here is the synopsis of My Fair Lady

Kang Hye Na, the only successor of Kang-san Group, is the owner of the ‘LadyCastle’ and lives a ‘princess-like’ life with her servants. Hye-na’s parents died from a plane accident and her grandfather brought her up. Hye-na is strong-headed, selfish and world revolves around her; it is because she could not experience the warmth of family when she grew up.

One day, she comes across Dong-chan. He makes Hye-na to do community service, kidnaps her, and now appears in front of her as the new household manager! Hye-na makes every effort to throw him out from the Castle, but this guy has tenacity in him!