My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

The Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs is a writing project hosted by Janet Toral it intends to recognize bloggers that has an impact to its reader. So without further ado here is My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011.

The Bloggers Journal

I’ve been blogging for almost two years already but still considered myself as a newbie. At this time I have still so many questions on how blogging works. I’m glad that I found this site because it is really a big help not only for expert one but also for the bloggers like me who have so many questions. This site really helps and will make your blogging more easily with all her tutorials, tips and alike.

Mom Writes

Mom of 3 kids with so many fights back and ups in life but despite of that she manages to be a tough mom and love her family unconditionally. Honestly, I envy those blog who features their family because I have imperfect family. And this site for me is an example of a happy family.

My Painted Lips

Want some color on your life? Perhaps on your lips well My Painted Lips is a great help. I am glad that this site is here to the rescue because I myself don’t know how to beautify myself but this blog will help you.

Certified Foodies

I really love food blog, I remember I used to cut out recipes in magazines and printed some online. I am not a good cook but trying. So that’s why I love this blog because it features different food whether it’s expensive or not. Recipes are also features sometimes; I learned in this blog that Strawberry can be added in Sinigang hmmm that’s new to me.

The Pepperrific Life

I like this blog because I find her tough, being a single mom is not easy. I knew this because I am one of them. What I like in her site is that single mom is not hindrance to make your living winning.

Mommy Survival Guide

She said that Motherhood is a tough job and only the toughest of women survive it without going crazy. I believed on that because I am a mother too. Sometimes I am crazy with my daughter and because her father is not with us it’s really hard but still keep on going and should be. One thing I like on her blog is that I am being educated. And I saluted her for being stay-at-home mom at the same time working and taking care of her kids.


Why this blog deserves for my vote? Well, I find her articles inspiring. She shares her experiences good or bad and let her readers to choose what path should take based on her experiences. I will assure you that reading her blog will not give you boredom but you will learn in every posts she has.

Tottering Mama

It is another parenting blog that I find interesting to read. Usually about family matters and topics that everyone can relate.

Notepad Corner

Another interesting blog actually it’s a personal blog that talks about almost everything. I find her blog very informative especially her cleaning 101 posts. For sure you will love her blog too.

My Green Living Ideas

I like this blog because of the advocacy of the author to live in eco-friendly surroundings. This is what we need now thinking on what is happening in our environment.

So there you have it My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011. This is made possible because of the following sponsors:

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