How to Look Good Using Natural Ingredients

If you’d like to include natural ingredients in your beauty routine, know that there are so many ways to make this happen. Consider these three options to get started.

1. Infused Oils

So many women love oils for their skin. After a nice bubble bath, it’s always lovely to coat the skin in body oil. Purchase light oil like sweet almond oil. You can also add additional oils like jojoba oil to the mixture. Add a ton of lavender springs, dried rose petals and rosebuds to the glass container. Sit the glass container on the window sill and allow the heat of the sun to release the essence of the lavender and roses into the oil. Let this combination sit for a few weeks for the best results. You can even do this with cooking oils for your kitchen. Add garlic cloves and rosemary springs to a jar of extra virgin olive oil for a rich, savory flavor.

2. Natural Butters

Natural butters are always easy to find and source. Whether you choose an online retailer or your local beauty supply store, it’s easy to get your hands on shea butter, authentic cocoa butter and more. However, if you want to make the experience really nice, it’s best to whip the butters. When you first purchase shea butter in raw form, it’s very tough. You’ll want to heat up a double boiler and melt the butter. You can also add in your favorite oils, herbs and natural perfumes for nice scents. Once you’ve melted the butter and mixed in the other ingredients, you can then whip the mixture until it becomes a light, fluffy texture. Add the whipped cream into a container and seal it for future use.

3. Herbal-Based Products

If you don’t have the time of the patience to make your own beauty products, it’s always a great idea to purchase beauty products that have organic, cruelty-free and natural ingredients. In order to get the most authentic options, check out your organic supermarkets and health food stores. You can also do your research and check out online brands that sell herbal hair care products. In this case, you’ll get to experience the benefits of amazing ingredients without doing the groundwork involved in making a product.