Nostalgia: Christmas last year

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It’s so sad to know that Nostalgia meme is phasing out already. This is the last time that this meme will be seeing here in blogosphere. Honestly, I don’t join this meme regularly but if I have something to share I linked with this meme. Anyway, it’s really sad I don’t know why mommy/sis rose decided to end this meme but whatever her reason I will support her by joining this meme for the last time. Sorry for taking it so long before I finally write my last Nostalgia meme it’s really kinda busy these past few days.

Anyway, for the last Nostalgia meme – post anything that would remind you of the past Christmas or any experiences you have in the past.  Or you can share your thoughts about this meme.

Hmmm, let me share our Christmas celebration last year. Normally, we celebrate this occasion here at my mother’s house. The family is complete all the time well except for those who are living abroad. Aside from eating these watering foods, we have this game Pinoy Henyo (segment in Eat Bulaga) where winners will receive cash from my sister. Catching of coins and bills are much awaited every christmas. I got almost $10. Aside from these things Kyla and her cousins started their first Christmas exchange gift. Well, not sure if this thing will happen again reason below. 

We usually have happy memories during Christmas and New Year because we are complete. But this year I doubt if our Christmas and New Year will be merry because couple of months ago five of member of the family already migrated in Canada. They are my brother in law, three nieces and one nephew. Well, on a brighter note I’m happy because finally they will be living with my sister who is living in Canada for less than three years without her family. My nieces and nephew growing up without my sister who first worked in Paris,France for almost five years then transferred in Canada. So, for eight years my sister was living far away from her family. We are thankful that they are living in one roof now. We considered this as a blessing. Anyway, Kyla is missing her cousins already. I’m glad that facebook, chat and telephone are there because they are big help for us to communicate easily. I hope they will come back here very soon.

This is their family photo in Canada from left my BIL, three nieces and my sister. I don’t know why my nephew is absent on this photo so I uploaded his solo photo below =)

My handsome nephew =)

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Growing so fast

I can’t believe that my little girl is growing so fast. I remember the time I knew that I was pregnant with her I’m not that excited because it was an unexpected. But it didn’t take long and realized how blessed I am to be a mother. So that time I observed the foods I intake and just enjoy the day that she’s still in my womb.

It was November 10, 2007 when she finally saw the beauty of this world. She was delivered through caesarian section and it only took less than 15 minutes. The joy I have that day was really priceless.

This photo was taken when she was still months old. Look how serious the little baby, she’s watching a dvd that time but forgot what it is.

And this photo was taken after her first birthday. It’s her outfit when she celebrates her first birthday. She is still using teether at that time.

Now, this baby is already attending school time flies isn’t it? Look at her smile in her photo wearing uniform. She was excited that time looking at her new school accessories. But on her first day at school she cried which was expected already. It’s her third day today and still crying everytime I left their school room. Other mommies said that it’s normal and sooner or later she will love and adopt the new environment, hoping for that really.

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Bottle Feed and Face Paint

While browsing what pictures are stored in this laptop I saw this cute picture of Kyla. This was taken last June of 2010, (so exactly one year after). Kyla attended birthday party of our neighborhood. I am counting how old Kyla was in this photo and based on my calculation she’s exactly 2 and 7 months. At this age Kyla was still feeding on a bottle. I’m not sure but I guess one month after she was already bottle free. And have begun drinking milk on a glass but its not easy at first. But after I talked to her that her bottles were having trouble. I mean I said that it has unpleasant smell already so Mama needs to throw it. I’m glad that she understood easily.

Anyway, this is the first time also that she had this paint on her face. When I asked her if she likes to have the paint on her face she agreed immediately without any hesitation.

Well, time flies really now she is 3 and 7 months already and in less than two weeks she will start her first schooling. So, good luck little girl … Mama is here at your side always.

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ABC-Wednesday: K is for …

It’s ABC-Wednesday once again and we are in the letter K.  So for my letter K i guess you know it already. Do I need to give a clue? Anyway, she’s my model here and in my 2 other blogs. I guess you know who I am referring to. My daughter KYLA is my letter K. She is my source of happiness everyday though I will not say that we are always in good time. There are times that I am angry with her especially when she is badly behaved. My patience is not enough sometimes but I maybe angry with her but it don’t last longer. Being her mother I felt that I am bad especially when looking at her crying. I just hope that God will give me guidance it’s not easy to raise a child especially you know that you are alone.


Kyla is less than 4 months old in the first photo but she knows how to make a peace sign heheh, the other photo is her latest snapshot.

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Congrats Hannah

As of this moment maybe my Niece is accepting her diploma. She just finished her Nursing Course, so another stage of her life has just finished.

Congratulations Hannah and good luck in whatever career you may undertake.

Going back… we’re happy when she was born, the first niece in the family. She is growing as a pretty and hard working student. I don’t have the pictures when she was born so i just grabbed this one when she was pre-schooler (i guess).

The next photo is during the time she reached her debut we are all excited and because that time Kyla is celebrating her first birthday too.

Time flies really from her childhood turned to a pretty debutant and now part of 2011 Nursing Graduates. We are proud of you 🙂

The last two photos were taken today before heading to the Graduation Ceremony. Congrats again and way to go … 🙂  Accept this as my gift to you, lol.

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