Paid Blogging

When I checked my email the other day I saw email from one of my favorite sites that offer paid blogging assignments for my blog. I have been working on this site for a long time and happy and thankful to receive paid online tasks from them from time to time. There are times I just received one or two articles and I’m already happy for that. But now my eyes got bigger when I saw flooded pre-written articles from them. I think for the longest time I have been working from them, this is the first time I got many paidpost from them. Well, these are all from God above; I know He used this site as an instrument, so really really thankful for this blessing. God knows how much I needed this thing because it’s always in my prayer.

Before I used to write my own article but they offered pre-written article.  My choice if I will use the pre-written article, make changes or write my own. I prefer to use the pre-written article because it’s hard for me to write lately because of my offline duties. Also, I have problem with the laptop I am using so it is hard for me to update all my blogs regularly. Right now, I am renting computer and it is not easy to work here. It is not comfortable to work in a workplace not in the comfort of your own abode. Well, I hope to receive many paid opportunities online so I can buy new laptop and do my job online on a daily basis.